In this uncertain age we all need to protect ourselves from the criminals who take a chance and break in to premises looking for hi tech equipment, high value metal and even steal cables from BT! Where would a breaking in leave your bottom line? Sure you may have insurance but the disruption to your business could be significant reason for not making your sales targets. We help to cover buildings from the outside and allow you to get on with your business without an unwanted guest. We provide Quality CCTV solutions and have been in business over 20 years helping companies protect their premises. 

Protect your Home
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If you have a second home it is a large investment and may well be far away from your first home. What if you were able to monitor it from anywhere. Well now you can! Simply fit a Qcctv system and you are able to see your property over the internet and even with our advanced systems see what temperature it is in the house and get warnings if it is too cold and your pipes are likely to freeze over. Of course to complement this what about your first home protect that and when you are away simply look in on your smart phone or PC. That way if you get a message your alarm has triggered you are able to see what is happening back at home. We install systems from one camera to large installations. Don't wait until its too late.


Home cctv 

Home installs 

Can we Help you? We fit to houses providing you can answer yes to the following:
Are the walls of the property red brick?
Would you be ok with a black wire around your property at below bedroom window height?
Is there ladder access around the property with no obstructions?
Is the answer YES? Then we can help you . Our cameras should not be mistaken for lower quality units we only fit quality cameras with HD or better quality. Call us now on 01256 910057

Bullet cameras

Cameras in action 

Single system secures Industrial park.

One very popular use of our technology is to have a central unit in a business park which allows us to send all the video pictures from several cameras dotted around the park adjacent to or mounted on different buildings. We use conventional cabling and also innovative radio techniques to keep costs down. Each unit on the park has a login access to the system and they are able to view and control the cameras. So instead of 10 separate systems ( and costs) users are able to share the system and the benefits. If you are a business in a park with no CCTV coverage then please contact us on 01256 910057 and we will talk to your landlord and explain our offering. A whole estate can be covered for as little as £20 per month contribution.

We can also provide outdoor PIR sensors which can trigger a text message to alert if someone is prowling near a unit. You are then able to look at your site using the online facility and ensure that the thief does not enter your premises as often with burglar alarms it is too late as they are already inside the office or factory. So don’t be another crime figure.
Often our best time to offer CCTV equipment is after an incident , but we would much prefer that the client has not gone through the pain of complete disruption of their business and possible loss of irreplaceable information or equipment . If you run a business which would find it difficult to restart after a break in and possible fire to cover the culprits tracks contact us now before you suffer the loss.


Industrial Cameras 

Protect your shop 

Shop premises are particularly vulnerable to stealing from customers and staff in addition often shops that are open extended hours require cover on the outside as well from anti-social behaviour. The cost of the system in shop premises can pay for itself in a matter of months which is why so may retail premises have them. If you already have a system but need an update please call us as we are able to add our up to date cameras and recording equipment to existing systems. If you still use tapes you really do need to speak to us!  If you have fridges and freezers in your outlet we can also offer extra monitoring solutions allowing you to get email and text alerts if your units go out of specified limits. In addition the temperature is checked every 15 minutes 24/7 allowing you to adhere to the health and safety rules regarding food storage.  


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Finchdata Ltd is a company registered in England in March 2000 and trading in high technology solutions. Our staff have over 40 years' experience in the electronics and IT sectors and are committed to providing our customers with quality solutions from the simplest application to the most complex. Finchdata is committed to Internet technology and can provide web based applications as well as hardware solutions. We received our first email in 1995 being an early adopter of new technology.
We are entirely financed by private funding with no large borrowings and owned by people who understand the business. Our offices are based in Hampshire and we offer customer service others dream of! We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, not just on the Internet but real people at the end of a telephone.



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