Shoplifting on the increase?

Protect from shrinkage.

Shop premises are particularly vulnerable to stealing from customers and staff in addition often shops that are open extended hours require cover on the outside as well from anti-social behaviour. The cost of the system in shop premises can pay for itself in a matter of months which is why so may retail premises have them. If you already have a system but need an update please call us as we are able to add our up to date cameras and recording equipment to existing systems. If you still use tapes you really do need to speak to us!  If you have fridges and freezers in your
outlet we can also offer extra monitoring solutions allowing you to get email and text alerts if your units go out of specified limits. In addition the temperature is checked every 15 minutes 24/7 allowing you to adhere to the health and safety rules regarding food storage.  
Special OFFER - Complete shop system fitted and working consisting of 4 indoor cameras and a digital recorder ( with Internet access ) for £999 ex vat.
Limited number so call now 01256 910057 (24/7)  
“Shops ignore  CCTV at their peril”


Protect your commercial premises on the inside and out 
Staff abuse and unsocial behaviour outside your shop.
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