Single system secures Industrial park.

Share the cost with other tenants.

One very popular use of our technology is to have a central unit in a business park which allows us to send all the video pictures from several cameras dotted around the park adjacent to or mounted on different buildings. We use conventional cabling and also innovative radio techniques to keep costs down. Each unit on the park has a login access to the system and they are able to view and control the cameras. So
instead of 10 separate systems ( and costs) users are able to share the system and the benefits. If you are a business in a park with no CCTV coverage then please contact us on 01256 910057 and we will talk to your landlord and explain our offering. A whole estate can be covered for as little as £20 per month contribution.   
“Its a fantastic system” - Andrew Thurley

We can also provide outdoor PIR sensors which can trigger a text message to alert if someone is prowling near a unit. You are then able to look at your site using the online facility and ensure that the thief does not enter your premises as often with burglar alarms it is too late as they are already inside the office or factory. So don’t be another crime figure ( to see crime figures for the UK click here).

Often our best time to offer CCTV equipment is after an incident , but we would much prefer that the client has not gone through the pain of complete disruption of their business and possible loss of irreplaceable information or equipment . If you run a business which would find it difficult to restart after a break in and possible fire to cover the culprits tracks contact us now before you suffer the loss.

Industrial business parks are vulnerable. 
Secure you entire park with a single shared system
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